Bank Nifty Options Trading -19jun2020

“ICICI Bank – 25 June – 370 Call” was our chosen Option for today. We bought it yesterday at 5.85 and bought again at 4.85 and 3.85 today, to give average price of 4.85, and we sold these options at 5.85 and 6.85 (avg 6.15), giving Rs 1.30 profit on cost price 4.85, or 26% gain. Even if we had not bought more options today, we would have got gain of Rs 1 on cost price of 5.85, or 17% gain.

Trade#1 Summary: Buy at 5.85 for Target 6.85 with Stop loss 3.00
Trade Result: Target hit (in the afternoon), giving 17% gain.

Trade#2 Summary: Buy at 4.85 for Target 6.15 with Stop loss 3.00
Trade Result: Target hit (in the afternoon), giving 26% gain.

Bank Nifty Call Option Trading- 15Jun2020

Today, we are buying ICICI Bank June 380 Call Option, because ICICI Bank is looking better/stronger than Bank Nifty for a rebound in next 10 days.

The behavior of ICICI Bank is closely matching Bank Nifty and with additional strength — but Bank Nifty Options are more expensive than comparable ICICI Bank call options.

Trade Summary: “Buy ICICI Bank June 380 Call Option at 3.00 for Target 4.00”
— this would give 33% gain, which can come in 2-3 days.

[Trade Update, 16 June 2020]: Target 4.00 was hit right at market start, and this Call Option trade give 33% gain.

We have been trading ICICI Bank Call Options with regular profits since year 2015, and some of our best profitable trades are with ICICI Bank. We are also long-term investors in ICICI Bank ADR listed in the US market (NYSE: IBN).