You can subscribe to our Bank Nifty Trading Service from this page. The service includes (1) Bank Nifty Options Trading, and (2) Bank Nifty Futures Trading.

Please Note: Trading will be done when the right setups are there. We don’t want to trade every day. The trades are positional. This service is not suitable for intraday trading.

(1) Bank Nifty Options Trading: Most of our regular trading work is with Bank Nifty Options, using weekly and monthly options. Sometimes, we also use ICICI Bank options whenever we see good opportunities. We only buy Call and Put Options. No Option selling is involved in our work. A typical trade involves buying options of Rs 10-25K per trade (Max 25% of capital). Minimum capital required for Bank Nifty Options trading: Rs 1 lakh.

(2) Bank Nifty Futures Trading: We always buy Bank Nifty Futures at key support levels, after market corrections, because the gains are solid and reliable. We will inform our Members/Subscribers whenever we see good opportunities to buy Bank Nifty Futures. The Bank Nifty Futures will need more capital than Bank Nifty Options, and not every trader may have more capital (we understand that), and therefore, we will try to give equivalent trades using Bank Nifty Options, when a good/reliable upmove is visible. Minimum capital required for Bank Nifty Futures trading: Rs 3 lakh (for 2 lots of Bank Nifty futures).

  • Example#1: In July 2020, we asked our Members to buy Bank Nifty Futures above 20,000 for target 22,000, which gave 2000 points gain (or Rs 50K profit per lot, which covered the full year service fee in just one trade!!)
  • Example#2: In Oct 2020, we asked our Members to buy Bank Nifty Futures above 22,000 for target 24,200, which gave 2200 points gain (or Rs 55K profit per lot, which covered the full year service fee in just one trade!!)

Goals for Year 2021:

  • Generate at least 200% gain on Bank Nifty Options Trading Capital.
  • Generate at least 100% gain on Bank Nifty Futures Trading Capital.

Market Risk: All capital deployed in equity or financial markets is exposed to market risk, and market risk can not be avoided. Bank Nifty Trading with futures and options offers the potential for superior gains that are not possible with shares, but the risk of capital loss is also high. Performance Goals are not guarantees.

Service Delivery:

Trades will be shared by Email. The same Trades will also be posted on our website on “Members” page, which is password protected. All Members/Subscribers should see this page regularly, refresh the page regularly, and pay maximum attention in last 30 minutes of the day, which is when most of our trades usually start.

Service Fee:

  • Rs 15K for 3 months.
  • Rs 25K for 6 months.
  • Rs 45K for 12 months.

Please Note: We are confident that all our Members/Subscribers will earn more more that the above fee if they allocate recommended capital and do the trades we shareThe above service fee is at a 60% discount to the service fee we have for a similar service in the US market for S&P500 ETF (SPY) Options Trading service, which are the equivalent of Bank Nifty Options in the US market, with maximum trading volume and participation from a wide range of investors and traders.