Bank Nifty Options Trading-30June2020

This was the chosen Bank Nifty Call Option for today: CNXBAN-02-Jul-2020-21500-CE.
It was bought yesterday (29 June) at 325 and it was sold today morning at 400 (limit sell order executed within first 15 minutes). Gain of 75 points, or 23% gain. We have bought the same Call Option again at 295 today (30 June) to be sold tomorrow (01 July) between 350-400.Thanks.

Bank Nifty Support Levels are at 21,000. Our Bank Nifty Trading Strategy is to buy on corrections and sell on rallies.

Bank Nifty Options Trading 21000CE-18jun2020

21000 CE, 18 June 2020 (Expiry Today)
This was the 2nd Call Option suggested for buying today. Its ultra speculative Call, but at Rs 1.00 was like a cheap lottery ticket that we could try. Why? Because Bank Nifty (BN) had not made a proper upmove in last few days, and lots of failed upmoves had happened, and the base was ready for an upmove today. If BN was falling after a rally, we would not choose this Call.

Trade Summary:
Buy at 1 for Target 10-20 with Stop loss 0.

Trade Result:
Target Hit, giving 10-20X gain.

Notes: This Call Option went up till 54…just imagine! But the capital allocated to it was small, so the amount of gain was also not huge, though percentage gain is high. For Rs 1000 allocated, it gave Rs 10-20K, which is amazing gain. This is not possible every week, but once in 2-3 months, such good setup can come. Thanks.

Bank Nifty Call Option Trading-21300CE- 10Jun2020

This was our chosen Call Option for today, decided in the afternoon, based on technical analysis of Bank Nifty index and Option price behavior. Call Option bought at 125 and with target 200 and 225, giving about 60% gain. Because the expiry is tomorrow, we did not load much capital in this trade. The big move happened rapidly in the last 30 minutes.

The best trade in this Call Option would have been from 80 to 120, but we missed that. That was lower risk trade than the trade we finally did from 125 to 200-225.

Technical Analysis: Bank Nifty Resistance Level is at 21,400 and above 21,500 we can see rapid upmove till 22,000.