Bank Nifty Call Option Trading-21300CE- 10Jun2020

This was our chosen Call Option for today, decided in the afternoon, based on technical analysis of Bank Nifty index and Option price behavior. Call Option bought at 125 and with target 200 and 225, giving about 60% gain. Because the expiry is tomorrow, we did not load much capital in this trade. The big move happened rapidly in the last 30 minutes.

The best trade in this Call Option would have been from 80 to 120, but we missed that. That was lower risk trade than the trade we finally did from 125 to 200-225.

Technical Analysis: Bank Nifty Resistance Level is at 21,400 and above 21,500 we can see rapid upmove till 22,000.

Bank Nifty Call Option Trading-21500CE- 09Jun2020

Today was a volatile day in “Bank Nifty Call Options Trading”. For the last few days, we had been trading with the 21500CE of 11 June 2020 (current week expiry) and it gave use very good gains. We have traded this Call Option from 125 to 400 level.

Our “Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy” has two components: (1) Decide the short term trend using hourly charts, and (2) Decide the Call or Put option we must trade with while this trend is playing out. This helps rapid decisions in the market because we are trading the same Call or Put for a period of 2-3 days.