Bank Nifty Call Option Trading- 15Jun2020

Today, we are buying ICICI Bank June 380 Call Option, because ICICI Bank is looking better/stronger than Bank Nifty for a rebound in next 10 days.

The behavior of ICICI Bank is closely matching Bank Nifty and with additional strength — but Bank Nifty Options are more expensive than comparable ICICI Bank call options.

Trade Summary: “Buy ICICI Bank June 380 Call Option at 3.00 for Target 4.00”
— this would give 33% gain, which can come in 2-3 days.

[Trade Update, 16 June 2020]: Target 4.00 was hit right at market start, and this Call Option trade give 33% gain.

We have been trading ICICI Bank Call Options with regular profits since year 2015, and some of our best profitable trades are with ICICI Bank. We are also long-term investors in ICICI Bank ADR listed in the US market (NYSE: IBN).